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A-dam was founded in 2014 by five friends form Amsterdam.
This group consists of very different people, with very different personalities and very different views, convictions, tastes and preferences. Each with his particular talent and field of expertise. 
They all agreed on one thing.
The underwear market needed some shaking up. A brand was needed that was free of the standard six-pack image and big branding. Therefore no oiled-up Justin Beckham’s or David Bieber’s leering at you from the campaign-posters. But simply put, better designs and a honestly produced product.
Therefore A-dam only uses organic cotton form the highest quality and certification (GOTS) and processes this fabric is audited factories where European standard are kept and where is ensured the people work responsible hours for an honest wage. Sustainability is has never been this important. 
A-dam uses a wide range of innovative materials for a selection of products. The result being that A-dam is now sold in over 650 stores over 17 countries and new retailers are added daily.
This growth is because of the unique products and the way these collections are offered, in flexible shipments at a retailers request. No re-orders demanded.
One of those new lines are for example is our sock collection – which come in as many as twenty-four variants in a wide spectrum of vivid colours, adorned with high quality embroidered details. Every three months 10 new styles are added so there is always something fresh. Our socks are now among the most sustainable on the planet, as they are made from recycled fishing nets that are retrieved from the bottom of the ocean. Mixed with the same GOTS certified cotton it forms a super soft fabric with a luxurious look and feel. 
Easy put. There is a lot to come and see. We understand. We are A-dam.
Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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  • Corsetterie/Lingerie
  • Lingerie de jour / Bodywear
  • Sous-vêtement homme
  • Loungewear/ Vêtement de nuit
  • Loungewear femme
  • Loungewear homme
  • Nuisette / Deshabillé
  • Maillot de bain
  • Maillot de bain enfant
  • Maillot de bain homme
  • Activewear
  • Surfwear
  • Accessoires
  • Chapeau / Bonnet de bain
  • Chaussant / Chaussures
  • Collant / Chaussette
  • Beachwear
  • Beachwear / Resortwear


  • Haut de gamme
  • Milieu de gamme


  • Femme
  • Homme
  • Enfant


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