Pays: United States

Darlington Fabrics is a knitter who can warp, knit, dye and finish warp knit fabrics in Rhode Island. We produce tricots, raschels, satins, powernet, and mesh constructions. We specialize in high content spandex/filament blends of both nylon and polyester. We can produce fabrics with finished widths of 45″-120″ and weigh from 1.5-12 oz. We have 24-40 gauge knitting equipment plus, sueding and napping equipment. We offer our knitted fabrics with special finishes such as moisture management/wicking, anti-odor, soil release, Durable water repellent (DWR), cooling finishes. Plus, we also have the capabilities to sell our fabric with prints, foils and embossing. We are NATIFIC/CAP certified and ISO 9001.

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